ADONIS Male Strippers

ADONIS Male Strippers

Buffed & Bronzed Strippers and Comedy Drag Queen Entertainers

ADONIS Hen Party Show Strippers

Here at ADONIS Cabaret we always strive to take on the grooviest, funniest, hunkiest guys around, and some of the most talented Drag Queens in the UK. Here are some of our Great Entertainers amd a little bit about them – Enjoy!

Just Jack

Flamboyant Strip & Daring Acrobatics!
Just Jack Vital Statistics! HEIGHT: 6ft 2″
WHERE: Most often, the Brighton Adonis Show
BEST BIT: Looks good in everything and nothing!
WORST BIT!: Romantic to a fault!
About Just Jack From small beginnings, big things have become of Just Jack! Based in Brighton and Hove, Jack, in his 20’s, has stripped since he was just 18 years old. Exclusively trained by the creators of ADONIS Cabaret, Just Jack continues to dazzle and amaze with flamboyant strip routines and daring acrobatics. Jack keeps fit with regular rugby training and outdoor activities. Adrenaline floats his boat and we’re sure his good looks, buff physique and cheeky charm will do the same for you.

Austin Fox

Chiselled Good Looks and Even Better Abs
Austin Fox Vital Statistics! HEIGHT: 5ft 9″
WHERE: Performs at All Adonis Shows
BEST BIT: Sculpted body
WORST BIT!: Likes a good vajazzle!!
About Austin Fox Revered male model, turned professional male stripper! Austin Fox is one of Adonis Cabarets most popular headline acts. Adored by fans Europe wide, Austin Fox continues to deliver unique, erotic strip routines every weekend. Self confessed fitness fanatic, Austin Fox prides himself on unique stripper routines with an athletic edge. Hen party groups best prepare to be amazed at shows with the “oh so hot” Austin Fox!


Our International Man of Strippery!
Marshall Vital Statistics! HEIGHT: 6ft”
WHERE: London Baby!
BEST BIT: Cheeky Charm
WORST BIT!: Disorganised to perfection
About Marshall Marshall is a fantastic erotic entertainer, with an awesome physique he is an international man of Strippery! Originally from Bulgaria (Moving to the UK when he was 10) he is also a male model, his great passions are water sports, the Gym and nutrition, he has a big family who he believes are the key to happiness, as well as a healthy lifestyle, he also loves travel, we are sure you’ll love him, the Drag Queens do lol!

Craig Hunter

Brilliant Routine & Super Show
Austin Fox Vital Statistics! HEIGHT: 5ft 10″
WHERE: Midlands & Yorkshire
BEST BIT: Built like a machine
WORST BIT!: Likes marmite & peanut butter together
About Hunter Craig is 23 years old and gorgeous, very popular with our ladies, Craig work on our Leeds show, he has a brilliant routine, with some amazing effects in this super show, A Nutritionalist and Personal Gym Trainer, Craig is also some of the UK’s Top Photographer’s favourites as he is so easy to work with. We are sure you’ll love him!

Gorgeous George

Bulging Biceps & Sexy Striptease
Gorgeous George Vital Statistics! HEIGHT: 6ft 2″
WHERE: London area and midlands
BEST BIT: Record breaking bench-presser
WORST BIT!: Sudoku nerd
About Gorgeous George A regular crowd pleaser, Gorgeous George entertains crowds every weekend. His athletic form bursts on to stage with back flips and more. Get ready to gasp as George puts his bulging biceps to good use! Sexy striptease and comedy fun are incorporated in to Georges performances. Hen nights never looked so good with Gorgeous George!

Horny Harry

Our Well-Travelled, Extreme Sports Nut
Horny Harry Vital Statistics! HEIGHT: 183cm
WHERE: Anywhere 2 hours from London
BEST BIT: Truly Pec-tacular!
WORST BIT!: Knobbly knees!
About Horny Harry Harry Prince is one hunk of man, 22 years old, and very funny, he lives in London, and is a personal Trainer as well as a model for many photographers, His loves are the gym, Extreme Sports, Boxercise and His Mum, hah “!”!. He loves to Travel, and travel he does, from Mexico to Marrakesh and LA to Lima his great passions in life are exploring history and new ideas, Harry is a firm favourite between our London and Brighton venues with an extremely funny and witty show, come see him soon.

Krazy Karl

The Wash-Board Abs are Fab!
Krazy Karl Vital Statistics! HEIGHT: 5ft 9″
BEST BIT: Wash board abs
WORST BIT!: Can’t spell
About Krazy Karl 24 year old Karl is certainly making a name for himself as a model and top stripper entertainer, with gorgeous looks and a lovely attitude he is sure to go far, his loves are the gym, food nutrition and of course his Mum, he is often seen at top celeb parties and photo-shoots. Karl has been on many TV Programmes including Celebrity Big Brother and the X Factor, Karl is very popular with the other guys too, as he is a real team player.

Toni Storm

Our Charming & Funny, Laid-back Rock God
Toni Storm Vital Statistics! HEIGHT: 6ft 2″
WHERE: All over the UK!
BEST BIT: A tower of strength
WORST BIT!: Addicted to fire-breathing
About Toni Storm Toni is an experienced stripper / entertainer and has been working in this role for over 12 years, he is one hunk of a man, extremely charming and funny, with a laid back and generous spirit, come and see him rock our Cardiff and Leeds Shows at ADONIS.

Flash Floyd

Our Sexy Personal Trainer
Flash Floyd Vital Statistics! HEIGHT: 5ft 8″
WHERE: South Coast
BEST BIT: Pert bottom
WORST BIT!: Secret Spice Girls Super fan
About Flash Floyd 26 year old Floyd lives and works in Bournemouth, he is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, and he loves extreme sports, swimming and mountain climbing when he can, as there are not too many mountains in Bournemouth!!! A lovely bloke, Flash Floyd as we call him can be seen in Bournemouth every week with a sexy and very entertaining show.

The ADONIS Cabaret Hen Party Show is available every Saturday in London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Leeds, Blackpool, Manchester and Newcastle.

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