How do I get tickets? Can we all pay individually?

The easiest way to purchase tickets is online, simply printing your booking confirmation yourself; minimum group size is 4, and maximum of 250 in your party. We don’t sell individual tickets or take deposits. You have to do the hard bit of organising your friends; we do the easy bit of entertaining you and making you laugh. You may also ring the office within normal working hours.

What do I do if I have problems printing out my booking confirmation?

If you experience any problems with online booking please be aware that it can sometimes take a few minutes for your booking confirmation to load so be patient. If you get stuck please email bookings@adoniscabaret.co.uk quoting your name, the email address you used when booking, which location you booked and the date you made the booking.

Is online booking secure?

We collect your details in a secure environment and all credit card transactions are done off site by SagePay, who have the highest level of compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). We do not store any credit card details.

Can I use my mum’s/ boyfriend’s credit card?

Sorry no 3rd party cards; she/ he will have to book the group herself/ himself for security. We hear horror stories all the time about credit card abuse and we have an amazing track record for security that we would like to keep.

How long before we have to pay?

Like concerts, theatre, or airline tickets, you book and pay at the time, once they’re gone they’re gone, so get booking quick, all the summer shows have sold out in the last 10 years !


On the night

What time do we get there?

Doors open at 7pm, please be prompt for the best seats, buffet and cocktails. Don’t turn up at 8.30pm after the show has started with a group of 32 and scream that you want to sit together and to start the show again (Stop laughing it’s happened!)

Will you pick on my friend?

If you have a hen queen or birthday, or a special someone, she will be asked if she wants to go on stage with the drag queen for 5 minutes of fame and have fun winning some prizes. This is optional and down to the individual on the night, not the person booking the party, we want to make sure everyone has a great night and feels comfortable – that includes you guys and the acts.

What’s the minimum / maximum age?

We say 18-80 – 18 ID may be required for lucky youthful looking ladies, our oldest funster has been 92 she rocked! (We even had Nanna from the Royal Family in one week)

Dress Code – Can I wear trainers in the club?

Would you on a night out? No, but jeans are fine. Generally dress code is quite flexible and we love those who dress up. Carwash in London prefers a 70’s theme if you’re in fancy dress.

Is there vegetarian food on the buffet?

Yes 1/3 is Veggie

Do you cater for vegans or special dietary requirements?

Sorry, we can’t cater for individual requirements, we try to give the best selection we have, and make sure that the chipolatas are left on the buffet – not on the stage

How long is the show?

The whole night is 7pm-3am and the stage show is just over 2 hours of packed fun, from around 8-10pm, the club night follows later.

Is it smutty?

It’s a good fun party stage show, not a lap dancing bar, but there may be a glimpse of Full Monty, if you’re lucky, but all done in what most would call good taste – not in your face. Think more comedy club with knobs on.

How much are the drinks in the club?

Not outrageous, the prices are set by the venue, check with the venue direct if needed.

Do you know any hotels in the area?

Yes, we have found best on www.yell.com

Can I smoke in the club?

Not any more, sorry! Just outside, unless you are one of the acts and we’re all smokin’ baby yeah!

Can we reserve our table?

It’s theatre style seating and is first come first served, but you’re free to go to the bar, dance at the back or side and let your hair down, as long as you don’t block other people’s views.

Can we take photos?

No cameras, videos or phones, same as any theatre show, however we take photos all night and they are FREE to download the following week, we love to see them on your Facebook profiles! You can take photos before and after the show has finished in the nightclub with your own camera.

Can we pay on the door?

Sorry we can never take money on the door, you will be turned away, all tickets have to be pre-paid, it’s for your security and ours.

Do you use flashing lights especially strobes?

We use normal club lights, so yes we do, we have several of the acts who have epilepsy so we are sensitive to medical problems of this kind but light usage of strobe lighting may be used in parts of the act.

Can we dance on the stage?

Sorry no, the stage is for the performance only unless you are invited up by a performer. Please don’t run up and jump on the stage and grab the boys while they are doing their thing lol (don’t laugh – we once had a lovely lady do a Superman dive onto the stage from a podium in Blackpool and we had the video and photos to prove it – this girl has become a legend! For all the wrong reasons! )

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
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