There are many perks working for a Party Expert company, finding the perfect hen do package for our clients we get to try out alot of our activities. This had to be a personal highlight! Last week, five very grateful colleagues and I were lucky enough to experience an evening with the gorgeous ADONIS boys!

We were full of excitement making Friday in the office an awfully anxious wait! Taking a short road trip after work, we all discussed what we were expecting. A few of us had seen strip shows before – including The Dreamboys and The Forbidden. Not unexpectedly the words ‘Magic Mike’ were thrown around a lot too – Adonis being official sponsors of the movie with Channing Tatum, preconceptions were going to be a lot to live up to.

Not having visited Newark before, we were surprised to find the town was quite quiet – Not what we see in Nottingham on a Friday evening! However, we soon realised where all the party goers were. It seemed every fabulous woman Newark holds, were raring to go at the Newark Palace Theatre that night.  ADONIS usual club nights are held in the UK’s big cities, so it was fantastic to see they had taken their Hollywood Strip show on tour to smaller locations such as Newark.


After a few well awaited bevvies, we took to our seats in anticipation. I have to admit I have never sat through a single episode of ‘Made In Chelsea’ (#sorrynotsorry) but I could see the girls of the audience were really excited about the arrival of Mr Ollie Locke. Usually, Adonis have a drag queen host, meaning big shoes to fill, but Ollie didn’t disappoint. He was a most courteous and professional host, firing out numerous one liners, getting us all giggling.

The mood was quickly set with a fantastic opening, we were to expect famous scenes from the movies and bigger than big Hollywood personalities. Shoulders were wiggling to Michael Jackson and James Bond tunes – as the Adonis boys started their spinning and thrusting on stage. No time was wasted in giving the audience what they wanted – quite frankly a bit of hunky male flesh!


Each of the guys had their own ‘talent’ and ‘theme’ – celebrating a wide variety of male forms, satisfying all tastes and fantasies. We had the bewitching Jake with his impressive muscles, performing captivating circus like acts in between dipping himself in and out of a bath tub (might sound a bit odd but was truly tantalising and for many a favourite act). He was accompanied by perhaps the most hilarious act of the evening the most agreeable ‘Towel Twins’ – although I’m sure many would not have complained to see the ‘No Towel Twins’.

There was no shortage of skills in a street dance scene to the iconic Run DMC ‘It’s Like That’. We were transported to a London back street, complete with urban bad boys. The audience were thankful for removing of all those gangster layers!


The dark side continued to the Brazilian beauty that was Johno, adorning himself with UV light and glow in the dark paint. We were definitely staring in sheer amazement at the originality of this act as his hunky arms beat down on drums, splattering liquid light over both the stage and himself. Johno’s capacity to please did not end there, as he later greeted us as Bruno Mars, in a sharp red suit with a sexy singing voice and gyrating moves.   


Some would argue (as Ollie said) they saved ‘the best until last’, as Adonis legend Marshall took to the stage for the flirtatious finale. Taking on a Magic Mike style Army scene including all the moves from the show. I wouldn’t want to give too much away on this one, but Marshall is certainly worth waiting for!

No male strip show would be complete without tackling the obvious, albeit stereotypical sexy scenarios. Men in all sorts of uniform were ticked off the list from pleasing pilots to fetching fireman, lustful lifeguards to appealing army soldiers. A worry however is shows like this become a churning out of man on stage, theme, strip, and done. This was far from the case with ADONIS. You could see the sheer hard work and dedication the guys must have to be a part of the ADONIS crew. It can’t be easy maintaining such amazing bodies, training for the gymnastic aspect of the show and practicing detailed dance routines.


Audience participation is encouraged throughout, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for those future lucky ladies who get handpicked from an entirely willing audience – but a full house of flushed and blushed faces accompanied their reward! However, there wasn’t too much of a disappointment if you weren’t invited up – as the audience were made to feel a part of the show itself – with a fantastic soundtrack including upbeat sing-alongs like One Direction and Robbie Williams, and dance classics like Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’. Both the boys and Ollie made an effort to engage and interact with the crowd – one of us even got a chance to chat to Ollie on mic and another to dance with one of the ADONIS boys themselves!


As a team we got even closer to the boys, as being so friendly and willing to please, they happily agreed to pose in a picture with us. We witnessed their meet and greet with audience members and it was fantastic! The boys were incredibly gracious and polite, enthused to have photos and chat to the girls. I loved every minute of my ADONIS experience, the perfect combination of gorgeous boys, raw talent and cheeky humour! To see the boys for yourself take a look at our ADONIS party packages here.