From: The Observer

A male stripper gets down to basics – and baby oil

By William Shaw

ObserverThere’s always good nights and bad nights. Last Saturday was bad. These women from a credit-card company drank so much that they were all violently sick before he got on stage. What do you do? They had to eject them. The group from hell. Women on alcohol. Not being rude, but some women can be physically demanding. You ever tried picking up some 10 ton tessie when she’s passed out on the stage?

Every year something like 20,000 women see Tristan strip right down to the rock boots that every male stripper wears. Rock boots, they’re like, stripping-industry standard. As a teenager he’d imagined becoming a famous actor. But he got involved with organising strip shows and figured out that the performers he was hiring weren’t that good. He’d see girls leaving halfway through a show. ‘Why are you walking out?’