From: The Insight Magazine

Chintz, charm and sheer cheek.. Certainly a girl’s night out to remember.

One for the ladies – Adonis Cabaret.

Chintz, charm and sheer cheek. That’s literally what’s on offer at Brighton and Hove ‘s new Ladies only ‘ Full Monty’ cabaret. Heaving with glitzed-up hen parties, decked out in devil horns or halos, the party begins at 8pm at the Babylon Lounge every Saturday. Anticipatory banter fills the oestrogen fuelled room as everyone plunders the free buffet and sips on complimentary blue cocktails. The music is loud and proud, much like the 6ft plus drag compare Davina Sparkle who cements the proceedings with bawdy witticisms on what its like to be a girl. Sparkle serenades with crowd pleasers including ‘I will survive’. This isn’t your formulaic male strip. Both Tristan Tristar, a Brighton lad, and Richard Joker inject humour and originality into their cavorting and each has a special trademark. Tristar spectacularly combines his nude gyration with fire-breathing to Firestarter and Great Balls of Fire. Joker tickles the ivories – in a very unique way. After the show an arranged coach whisks you away to the Event II. Certainly a girl’s night out to remember.