From: The Argus

Saucy Santa shocks Eastenders!!

By Ruth Tierney

Mouths will drop and sprouts will roll when television viewers watch stripper Tristan Mills reveal all in the Christmas edition of EastEnders.

Santa TrissTristan Tristar, as he prefers to be known, managing director of Hove based entertainment company Adonis Cabaret, manages to shut up the mouthy Slater family when he does his sexy Santa routine in the BBC1 soap.

After doing a backflip over a bar stool, Tristan peels off his clothes in front of Little Mo before her grandmother Maureen pulls the tassels from the front of his red G-string. He makes barmaid Sam Mitchell swoon by kissing her, takes off his beard and throws it at a disgusted Ricky Butcher, after covering his manhood with it.

All this was as much of a shock to the cast as it will be for viewers on Christmas Day.
The director asked Tristan, 29, not to tell the actors he would be stripping to his birthday suit. He said
“The poor girls got the Full Monty. “The director said not to tell them because he wanted to get their real reactions. “I walked into Angie’s Den and said I had a surprise for Little Mo because she had been a very good girl. Then I started to strip and when I revealed Santa’s Little Helper it was the first time the Slaters have been speechless. They all giggled after we had finished filming and couldn’t look me in the eye.”
Tristan, who regularly whips off his clothes for hoardes of excitable women at his shows, was not fazed by it at all.

“After a while you become desensitised about being nude”, he says, “Sometimes I’ll be conducting an interview in my dressing room and someone will have to tell me to cover up”. He got the part, which took a day to film and involved learning two lines, after doing a “cheesy routine” at an audition.
Adonis Cabaret, at Babylon Lounge, Hove, is a male strip show that promises to make women laugh.