From: Mintel Report, Case study

The Adonis Cabaret

By Amy Jewel

The Adonis Cabaret is probably the most famous ladies’ night in the UK and has continued to expand its audience over the past three years. It is a music, comedy and men show aimed exclusively at women, with a large proportion of its audience celebrating hen nights. The Cabaret currently appears weekly at venues in Brighton and Bournemouth and will be starting a London show in March 2004. Due to high demand, two more weekly venues are being added in Brighton and Bournemouth , from June to September 2004. The Adonis Cabaret also tours extensively in the UK and internationally, including San Francisco , Miami and most of Europe . If available, the team is bookable for events inclusive of performers, lighting, sound, stage effects, music, posters and tickets.

The Adonis Cabaret shows last for around two hours and consist of two male hunks with a drag queen/comic compare. Although there is full monty, the emphasis is on comedy and entertainment, with dance routines, impressions and, even, a fire-breathing act. No-one in the audience gets humiliated in any, nor do the guys manhandle any of the women. Entrance is typically reasonable and includes a buffet, free cocktail, party games/prizes, photos and VIP entry to a local nightclub. Current special offers include free admission for the “hen” for parties of 20 or more. Audiences are typically around 300 per show in the high season, which lasts from May to September.

The Adonis Cabaret is one of the best known adult acts in the UK and has been widely reviewed in the national press, including the Evening Standard, Cosmopolitan and Bliss for Brides. In addition, there have been a number of TV appearances from the performers, including the Graham Norton Show, Holby City and Eastenders. The company is expanding all the time and is planning a weekly show in Nottingham. Other popular hen night spots, such as Blackpool and Newcastle , are also due to be targeted in the future.