EastendersWatch out, watch out, there’s a stripper about!

Once again this summer our very own Tristan Tristar will be on BBC’s Eastenders this time doing the full monty for Dennis Rickman, (young Den played by Nigel Harman), as the Stag and Hen parties (for Sharon and Den) change venues. The wrong stripper strips off in the Queen Vic.

“Tristan 31, strips off much to the amusement of the cast and crew members who get a full eye full for his credentials”

CharlieCharlie Slater, played by Derek Martin, asked if Tristan would like any of the buffet, to which Tristan looked down at his G string and replied “Its ok I’ve bought my own lunch box!”. The Eastenders cast last saw the full monty from the Adonis lad when he was asked by the director to surprise the Slater sisters into real shocked reactions from the strip star, where mouths could be seen dropping as Tristan flashed the lot at Little Mo Mitchell’s hen night. This time though the last laugh was on Billy Mitchell, played by Perry Fenwick, who got Tristan’s veteran stripping trousers bulls-eyed into his mouth during filming. Billy Mitchell, thinking he was booking a female stripper for the night had booked the wrong stripper for Den by mistake, said “poo they smell of baby oil” Tristan replied, “I’m not surprised, they used to be my old school trousers from 15 years ago and I don’t think I’ve washed them since”. On hearing this, the cast cracked up with laughter and the director asked Tristan to throw them in to Billy’s face on every take…

Sharon and DennisTristan who was called in at the last moment said “I’m only here because the actor they first arranged to play this part lost his bottle, it’s a lot harder than it looks, if you excuse the pun! I have to say, the male cast are as much fun as the girls, they made me feel so welcome and everyone took the time to know my name by the end of the day and treated me like one of the regular cast. Some even remembered me from the last few times I’ve been on the set. You really do get a sense of community when you are working with the Eastender’s team and its a high point in any career.”