From: Brighton Source


LOUISE BLOOM pressed the flesh during Adonis Cabaret’s night of thongs and dongs at the Babylon Lounge in Hove… “Aaaaaahhhhhh…Whoooooooooh… GET ‘EM OFF OFF OFF OFF!”

So this is girls do to have fun. But this is defiantly not you average strip show. I mean anyone who can transform himself from Austin Powers into a Fire-breathing man-beast just by getting his kit off deserves a lot more respect than your average Full Monty impersonator.

The whole thing is hosted by an hilarious drag queen, who keeps the girls hyped up with her jokes and belting songs. Ah, its that old winning formula of male strippers + men jokes = happy hen night.

Picking my way through the flushed faces and bridle veils I ask the girls that they think of it. They all chime back at me at once, “Brilliant …fantastic …phwoar, haaaaaaaa”. I thought girls were supposed to be bitchy in large numbers, but this lot act more like a local Dorset football team that’s found itself in the cup final. This is cabaret with a bit of a bonus (well, two fair-sized bonuses if you must know!) and it’s almost worth getting married for.