Bad Lads Army 3Really Bad Lad. Recruit was a p*rn star!

Bad Lads Army
A tear-away on Bad Lads Army has shocked producers by revealing he made p*rn movies. Kirk Woodend , who appears in the ITV1 boot camp series has been in a string of X-Rated films. And the 21-year-old was also a “Male entertainer” with the Adonis Cabaret.. He says grannies couldn’t keep their hands off him, recalling “One 76-year-old stole my thong – while i was wearing it! They’re outrageous! Then girls write phone numbers in their knickers and throw them at me!”

Army3A source on the show, where bad lads are put through 50’s-style army training, said “We had no idea he made p*rn films, but he did keep getting undressed in the barracks and boasting about his John Thomas.” Tristan from the Adonis Show said “We are hoping the show has whipped him into shape, he’s always the life and soul of the party but needs to know when to stop, hopefully he will come back a changed man.”