From: B Magazine

A familiar looking male stripper..

Sarah Bonnar, 28, a lecturer from Brighton, thought her boyfriend Tristan Mills, 31, owned a marketing company — until she saw an advert for a familiar looking male stripper…

‘I’d always admired Tristan from afar, seeing him out and about in our home town of Brighton. Then one night in a club I literally bumped into him, spilling my drink all over his shirt. We ended up chatting all night and he mentioned he owned a marketing company. I was writing a medical book at the time and, as our jobs were poles apart, we didn’t delve into it much more than that.
We started seeing each other, but all our dates were during the week — I didn’t find it odd as he worked in London a lot and used weekends to see friends. One of my friends said he might have a wife and kids, but I laughed it off—Tristan wasn’t like that.

The advert

bmagWe’d been together about six months when I helped a friend look for hen night venues. We were flicking through bridal magazines when she suddenly said “Isn’t that Tris? and showed me an advert for a male stripper. There was no mistaking it. Here was my sweet. “marketing manager” of a boyfriend showing off his oiled six pack in a stripping advert! I tried to convince myself it was an old picture — he’d told me he used to model a few years ago—but when I visited the Adonis Cabaret website I soon realised he was one of their star attractions! I was hurt, shocked and furious he’d lied to me.

I wanted to see what he got up to in his act, and I couldn’t think of a better way of surprising him than catching him with his G-string down. So, taking a few close mates for moral support, I booked tickets for his show. As it went on, there was no sign of him, but just as I was about to leave in relief, ‘Tristan Tristar’ was announced as the final act. A figure appeared dressed as the pope, but it was impossible to tell if it was him. The act was hilarious, more comical than sexy, with him doing all sorts of things with his ‘robes’ to work the audience into a frenzy.
Then he took his mask off and I nearly fell over — it was him. By this stage he was completely naked except for a ridiculous hat and staff. It was funny, but it was also hurtful.

I couldn’t understand why he’d lied to me. I’m incredibly laid-back and would have handled the truth, but he’d broken my trust. As he was having his photo taken afterwards, I walked to him. His fixed grin disappeared as I told him he wouldn’t be seeing me again and marched off. He tried texting and ringing all night, but I ignored him.

Second chance

He kept trying to contact me and, finally, two months later, I agreed to meet him. I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him and wanted to hear his explanation. He said he’d avoided telling me because I might have thought of him as a sleazy player who couldn’t be trusted. He swore he didn’t do it to sleep with women — he’d got into it for the money and the fun, and that was it. It sounds weird, but I knew I could trust him. We decided to try again and he took me along to his shows so I could meet the people he worked with. This reassured me and I realised he’d been telling the truth.
The fact my boyfriend is a stripper isn’t the kind of thing I tell people when I first meet them, but everyone I’m close to knows what he does for a living. We’ve been together for over three and a half years now and I can see why women find him irresistible—I do and I’m proud of everything he’s achieved.

‘I didn’t lie to Sarah as I do own three successful companies, one of which is a marketing company. There just never seemed to be the right time to tell her about the stripping. When she found out, I was gutted. I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to reassure her I was still the person she thought I was, but she knows the real me now and I’m thrilled she still loves me’.