Welcome to the Adonis Autumn News Update!
So what’s new and what have you missed from the Adonis boys since our last update? Well, not surprisingly there has been a vast amount of silliness and as is evident from this picture, lots of CHEEKINESS! Read on for all the details, remember, with Adonis Cabaret Hen Night Shows you certainly don’t get a BUM deal… Bums

Mss Male Stripper School
The Adonis boys open the world’s first Male Stripper School
.. on Radio 1 Newsbeatclick here
.. and in The Sunhere
Sarah Beeny Sarah Beeny
comes clean and takes a shine to Billy Blue Eyes on C4 – see here


Drag Queens
Do you like them silly? (Do they come any other way? – ed.)
See 2 of our favorites here
Big Brother Big Brother
Have asked some of our boys to be put forward for BB9 – the short list includes Billy Blue Eyes, Toni Lorenzo, and Dave Blaze
Alan Titchmarsh Alan Titchmarsh
Learns to strip with Justin Trouser Snake – see here
Guide Dog Guide Dogs
Here is a pic of the Newcastle guys donating another £1,000 to one of our good causes, well done boys
Facebook Facebook
Have you become addicted to facebook?
We have, come say hello and chat to the lads here
Pumpkin Spooky
Any great ideas for Halloween shows? We just love to dress up – email your ideas here
We found Ophelia Balls in the paper last month and did have to giggle – Daily Mail

2008 Calendar2008 Calendar

Don’t forget our 2008 calendars are now available for order, ring or check the website now to reserve yours.

A reminder – our shows run weekly in Blackpool, Newcastle, London, Bournemouth and Brighton, Girls Nights Out with Adonis are the best so I guess we’ll see you there, if you dare! You can find details of all our performers, venues, dates etc on www.adoniscabaret.co.uk

Bournemouth Show Blackpool Show Brighton Show

London Show Newcastle Show

From the boys, the boy/girls, the office staff and the charities we support, thank you!

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