Welcome to the Adonis Summer News Update!
There’s lots to catch up on with your favorite guys and guyettes from Adonis Cabaret Towers, so here goes…

A NEW Venue for 2008

The Adonis Boys are always looking for new and exciting venues to entertain you in! We are looking for a new location to do yet another show in 2008 and we want your help!
Top suggestions include Cardiff, Nottingham, Bristol or Leeds, but what do you think ?

Email your suggestion for where you would like to see the Adonis show performing and the people who choose the most popular location will all get a new 2008 calendar.. Remember to pop your address down if you do want the calendar – email us at info@adoniscabaret.co.uk and put “New Location” in the subject line.

Our favorite ex-stripper, now superstar, singer Chico’s new single Cola Bottle Body will be out on the 24th September. Text CHICO to 82822 to pre-order. Texts cost £1.50 (plus your standard network rate).

Chocolate BoysEveryone loves Chocolate!
Have you seen the new Minstrels advert? Look closely and you can see our old stripping buddies Gavin Michaels, JJ O’Neil and Tom Platnum – good on you gents!

On the Telly

Friday NightYou may have seen Tristan and Chris on the Friday night project with Mel C, doing a set up on a poor unsuspecting husband for his wife, and Chris again with Joanna Lumley as “Tiny”. Joker

The Joker has just filmed a package for C4 to be aired between Big Brother evictions as his Piano Playing antics video is one of the most watched on the web… He will also be filming a show for www.MaleStripperSchool.com with C5 – so watch out!

Hello from up North


Opheling the squeeze

Hi Peeps…

A HUGE Hello from ya BIG Aunty O up north, no not Manchester or Blackpool, I said NORTH – i.e. Newcastle – Yes we do have computers and microwaves up here too, and just ‘coz it’s cold, don’t mean we don’t have fun you know!

LiquidOur Newcastle show started in early February and to date we have had 2,496 happy chapesses though Adonis’s door and at least another 2000 more to come this year – in fact we have had so many more girlies coming to Newcastle this year it’s SOOPA!
We moved venue at the beginning of the year to Liquid and Envy and WOW, what a venue! It’s the biggest in the North-East and with the best sound and light experience on the tour, the Adonis shows ROCK! Not only that they also look after us a treat too.

Breakthrough Breast CancerStill doing our bit for charity! We have chosen to mix it up a bit this year, on top of our regular Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity, we have just donated £1000 to the Mayor of Blackpool’s charity which we all agreed was a very good cause, providing a baby care unit for Blackpool Hospital.

Guide Dogs
We are also working very closely with “Guide Dogs Charity” this year and have almost donated £1000 so far, with various collections,donations,raffles, gayrobics, along with a sponsored diet. (I will be thinner than Davina Sparkle yet -ed.)

2008 Calendar

2008 CalendarOoh yes, our fabulous calendars are hot off the press, for 2008 they’ve gone handbag size with a choice of 2 regions, North and South, so you get to see even more of all the performers. Watch out for them coming to a venue near you soon…!!!

Well that’s about all from up North for now, so if you are coming to a show soon have a great time, and if you’ve already been, come again, and tell ya friends.

Load’s of Geordie Luv and Cuddles,

OPHELIA BALLS (“The Real Angel Of The North”)
[Visit my website http://www.opheliaballs.com ]


Bournemouth ShowBrighton Show Newcastle Show Blackpool ShowLondon Show

A reminder – our shows run weekly in Blackpool, Newcastle, London, Bournemouth and Brighton, Girls Nights Out with Adonis are the best so I guess we’ll see you there, if you dare! You can find details of all our performers, venues, dates etc on www.adoniscabaret.co.uk


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