JokerIn the year 3046 a being known only as The Joker was being held in a high security mental institution!! It has come to light that he has broken free and travelled back in time to our present year and crash-landed in a wheeley bin just behind Tesco! Yes, please welcome the “stud monkey” the “baboon boy” the “twat in the hat” himself, The Joker!

Yes can you believe it? I have been asked to write and tell all you lovelies what’s been going on in the Adonis Cabaret world and what will be coming your way soon, but first… do bald men get hair line fractures? If a stripper falls in a forest and no one is there does he make a noise? Why is abbreviation such a long word? Welcome to my brain, medication has made me this way!

Alrighty then let’s begin…

Performer News

Chris KnightChris Knight

Tony “Latino lover” Lorenzo made his debut appearance on Eastenders just two weeks ago, and has since been spotted on many occasions. Where I hear you ask? In “The Queen Vic” On the square, down the chip shop? None of these he is in the doctor’s surgery. He can be seen hanging on the back of the doctor’s door holding a baby! Nice poster but I could have done it better! What do you call 12 strippers sitting on each other’s shoulders? A scrotum pole!
Hunky chunky Chris “Closet Boy” Knight has apparently, yet I have not had confirmed sightings to date, been rumoured to have done his own shoelaces up in under twenty minutes and without the aid of a grown-up. Investigations into this are on-going and I will of course keep you posted! How can you tell when Chris Knight is sexually aroused? He is breathing!


Fanny “I’m from the valleys” Dazzle is one of Adonis’s amazing drag comperes! Ok I know she’s from Wales but she is bloody funny and a damn lovely person! She can be seen in any one of the Adonis clubs, just check the web site for when and where. How does a Welshman find a sheep in long grass? Irresistible!

Stuart ExtremeStuart Extreme

Stuart “pogo stick in my pants” Extreme is one for the ladies who like a man in uniform, he’s a postman! I had the great pleasure of working with Stuart, one of Adonis’s new entertainers, the other night and boy he is good! His fantastic routine had the audience in awe at his mind-blowing act! Front flips, a back somersault, then he disappears up his own bum! The whole thing is beautiful and brings a tear to one’s eye! How do snowplough drivers get too work in the morning?

Supporting Good Causes

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

On a more serious note this is a picture of the Adonis Team presenting another £1000 cheque to “Break Through Breast Cancer”, a charity that we regularly support. This would not have been possible without your generous support and from all at Adonis Cabaret we thank you all so very much!

You can find details of all our performers, venues, dates etc on



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Newcastle Show

Blackpool Show

London Show

As for myself I will be writing an “Agony Uncle” column so please feel free to email me any of your troubles and I will give you the answers to your woes and fears!

I am a trained idiot so don’t be shy! I am also working and writing my new album which should be out shortly with classics like “Hotel Legs A Cimbo”, “Stand by your Gran”, “Sometimes it’s hard to punch a dragqueen” and the infamous “Stairlift to heaven”.

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And in closing…

I met a lovely young lady last night and I asked her name to which she replied “Carmen as I like cars and men” “Hi”, I said, my name is “Richard Whisky Fanny”… (GROAN… – Ed.)

To use a quote if I may from one of the best drag comperes to date, Miss Davina Sparkle,“Large gin and tonic and a larger chaser” – sorry not that one.. “Life is for living and we only have the one so smile and #uck em if they can’t take a joke”. So may I take this opportunity on behalf of all at Adonis Cabaret to thank you all for your support, screams and laughter and for making this the best job in the world for us (I also thank the spellchecker on my computer as I have used some really long words!)

See you all soon, God bless and loads of love.

Richard, THE JOKER. XX