It’s Chico Time

He’s the cheeky former stripper whose singing has both entertained and appalled millions of viewers.

He is being championed by Radio one, where Robbie Williams said “I’m a big fan. He’s the next me, a born entertainer”. He already has his own catchphrase that is being echoed in playgrounds, shops and on the street around the nation, “What time is it? It’s Chico Time!”

Working with Chico

ChicoChico is one of the hottest acts on the X Factor this year! Good looking, charming and fun but like Marmite, you either love him or hate him! Here at Adonis Cabaret we love him, Why? Because we’ve all worked with him at some stage or another, he is a great entertainer and his strip show is fabulous, although he’s obviously concentrating on his singing career now; we remember with fondess his ability to be able to whip a crowd up into a frenzy do a fabulous strip routine and then insist on singing to the audience, we all loved it. “The shows ended on a real high”, said Drew Christie and Davina Sparkle, two of our drag queens. Dave Blaze remembers doing a show with him not too long ago and having to run back to the tour bus quickly as the girls were chasing them out of the venue; “It was fun but quite frightening”, said Dave!

His brother Mac is quoted in closer magazine: “So what is the X Factor? It’s that invisible special ingredient you can’t quite explain, some call it star quality, some may just call it destiny but if I had to use just one word from the English language to describe it, it would be… Chico.
Put him on a stage and he is a force of nature, second to none and I’m very proud of what he has achieved so far and know there is still so much more to come.”

Whether or not Chico’s dream of chart fame will be realised we can all watch every Saturday live on X Factor and influence with our voting, one thing is for sure, with Chico it is never going to be boring and maybe just maybe it could now be Chico Time.