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ADONIS Cabaret presents Hollywood Strip


Celebrity OLLIE LOCKE from Made In Chelsea & Celebrity Big Brother Joins The ADONIS ‘HOLLYWOOD STRIP’ Tour

OLLIE LOCKE tells you all about hosting The ‘ADONIS ‘HOLLYWOOD STRIP’ Tour

MEET THE ADONIS TALENT! Hollywood Strip Tour 2014!

ADONIS Hollywood Strip Tour – Hit the recording studio

OLLY LOCKE Competition – What does he say we do after Adonis Hollywood Strip shows??

ADONIS Hollywood Strip / Auditions with TOWIE Stars Danielle Armstrong & Georgia Kousoulo

ADONIS probably should not open a beauty salon #justsayin

ADONIS don’t do cleaners

ADONIS make pretty bad gardeners

ADONIS Cabaret Clubs

ADONIS Cabaret Clubs London

ADONIS Cabaret Clubs Brighton

Happy Birthday the ADONIS way

Come to #ADONIS #London #Carwash, after club is included!

Santa joins up with the Adonis Cabaret for a saucy Christmas Hen Party
Firemen Action
Your own personal fire service

Thursday, December 18, 2014
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