5 Things I learnt From My First Male Strip Job.

I was 19, living all by myself in a foreign country on the other side of the world and had little to no money. My names Tommy, let me tell you about how I became a male stripper.

Originally from Australia, this wasn’t how I imagined my exciting life changing journey to be. I was living in Brighton, England. A beautiful seaside bustling party town, that couldn’t offer me anythingmore than a bartending job on minimum wage, In a sleepy countryside tavern.

I thought I was going to be working in a gym, making money, travelling and seeing Europe!
Exploring the world in my youth! Taking on new challenges and seeing amazing things!
Little did I expect my life would be a work, eat, sleep, repeat, routine. I was doing the daily grind just to survive.

Sometimes you have to say “enough!” Sometimes you have to take control of your life and recapture what you are looking for! Are we really here in this earth to waste our life away?

Lot’s of people judged me for what I did next, but to this day I regret NOTHING. I quit my job at the tavern and decided to become a male stripper.
As a teenager I did lots of boxing so I was in decent shape, and I always had an interest in acting so I thought I had the necessary skills. Little did I know the challenges that awaited me, and the valuable life lesson’s I learnt.

My first male strip job at Adonis Cabaret In Brighton has helped shape the person I am today. I owe everything to the people I worked with and taught me in that show. My success today stems from the lessons I learnt back then. Allow me to share with you 5 things I learnt.

Confidence Is EVERYTHING
There is a fine between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is extremely sexy, however arrogance is a huge turn off. Being able to juggle the fine line between both is very tricky, as women perceive you differently, so you must adjust your attitude accordingly.

As a male stripper, confidence is a crucial element to your performance. You have to look like you own that stage, like it was built for you. But be careful, because if you over do it, women will think you are cocky and up yourself.

I was lucky enough to work with some amazing strippers who had fantastic charisma and stage presence. In my first few weeks of dancing on stage I analysed their shows to the smallest detail.
Every move, every gesture and every facial expression was perfectly timed. These guys were like god’s on the stage, the girls would scream and go crazy if they asked them to make some noise. It was like they had the audience on a puppet string.

As a teenager growing up I was shy and a little conservative. Learning to be confident both on stage and with woman after the show is a life changing skill. My newly found confidence has opened up many more opportunities in my life, not to mention I probably wouldn’t have met my wife had I not been confident enough to speak to her!


The Adonis Cabaret Team – Brighton of 2013.
Left “Leon Swagger” Top middle “Carl” Right “Myself” bottom middle “Rob Knight

Keep Your Ego In Check
The team of strippers I worked with were, on first sight, pretty big and intimidating in appearance.
In reality, there were humble and good friends of mine who helped me become a better performer.
We had great fun together during our stage shows, joking around, having a laugh and enjoying this crazy experience we called our job.

One thing I learnt from the other guys was to always keep your ego in check. It was an important value we had at the Adonis Cabaret Show, because in this type of environment (women falling at
your feet) it’s easy to let your ego take over.
Time after time I have seen arrogant and cocky male strippers work in this industry, and they never last. Women eventually see through their vain personality as it exposes a distasteful performer thinking he is ‘god’s gift to women’.

I used to get told, “Your a male stripper, don’t take yourself to seriously, if you can’t have a laugh at yourself then nobody’s going to enjoy your show”.
Let’s face it, most women like to have a good laugh and scream at a male strip show, they are there for some fun on a hens night of birthday party. As the songs goes “girls just wanna have fun”.
Male strippers need to realise that not every single girl in the room wants to sleep with them. Once they start to loosen up, and enjoy being an entertainer on stage, then all the women will appreciate their show for what it is.

Leaning to stay ‘down to earth’ has helped launch my male stripper career and performing skills to the next level. I’ve gone on to work as a male stripper all over the world and even worked for a show based in Las Vegas. People can see and appreciate a stripper who is not afraid to laugh at himself on stage.

Myself performing one of the more ‘silly’ aspects of my routine, the YMCA. Classic!

Women go CRAZY at male strip shows I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the show room. It was packed with women, about 200 to be exact.
For a young single guy, this really is the dream job. You get to dance on stage, act silly, have fun with your mates and meet, literally, hundreds of women every night.

My previous experiences with women were, to be honest, about 95% bad. Let’s just say, I didn’t really have the ‘touch’. But when you are thrust into this kind of environment every weekend, you kind of automatically learn what to say and do to please women. And let me tell you, when they see you as a male stripper, it becomes a lot more easy!
How different these women acted in the strip show, as opposed to a normal nightclub really stood out to me in the first few weeks of dancing. The girls arrive ready to get WILD, there’s no doubt about that!

Some girls really have no limits to what they want or expect when watching a male strip show. And to specifically quote some girls I met in the first few weeks, they “want the whole package!”.

Our usual crowd in the Adonis Cabaret Club! Great times!

Being Reliable and Trustworthy Makes You More Money
I can’t tell you how many times I saw unreliable guys join the show hoping to become a male stripper, before being kicked out back to their old job.
I witnessed many guys showing up late, not being prepared or groomed, or even forgetting about a show that weekend completely! Those guy’s never got second chances.
It may seem like common sense, but so many people don’t place enough emphasis on being a reliable asset to the team. If you are constantly letting people down, whether it be your friends, family or work, I strongly believe you are in for hard times. And it will be 100% your fault.

This lesson was important to me, because I’ve used it in all aspects of my life. Being a trustworthy person means people can rely on me to get jobs done. It’s helped me open up so many doors in my life.
After a few months of consistently showing up on time, performing well and being professional, I was rewarded with extra work during the week and around the show times.
The extra work I received was ‘strip-a-gram’ work. This means I was sent to people house’s/hotel room’s to do a little strip tease for a group of women on their hens night.
Only the most trusted guys got this type of work, and let me tell you, It really helped me financially.
I was able to start saving some good money, I even bought a moped with the extra cash so I didn’t have to ride the bus anymore. Life was starting to look up for me, and it was all because I was reliable and trustworthy.

The Adonis Team of Strippers and Drag Queens (our show MC’s) @ the Brighton Pride Festival.

Be Patient
This lesson relates to me in two ways.
When I first applied to be a stripper for the show, I was initially rejected, but encouraged to re-apply later.
Since I was a young guy, the only thing I had going for me was being incredibly ripped (due to my boxing past), so I was told I needed more muscle to be on stage. It hurt at the time, but in hindsight it makes perfect sense. You need to be strong and muscular to have phenomenal stage presence (a must for every stripper).
So I went to work on my body. I Woke up every morning at 6am, caught a bus to the gym, worked out for 80mins then cycled to work at the tavern for the rest of the day/night. I did this for about 3
months before I re-applied for the show.
I learnt the importance of patience back then when I first started, and also a lesson of patience that was demonstrated by the show owner.
Instead of being rejected outright, I was encouraged to improve, and I appreciated the opportunity Adonis Cabaret gave me when I applied again.
I will be the first to admit, I wasn’t the best at stripping in the beginning. It’s a hard skill to learn, and without the right direction, It can take some time to master.
I had my fair share of dancing error’s, costume mistakes or even just falling over on stage in front of everybody.
Every night I danced on stage, I slowly got better over time. I am forever grateful that the owner of AdonisTristan’ showed me patience in my development and encouraged me to get better.
It’s these principals of patience I live by today when running my own male stripper agency here in Australia.
I am in charge of a team of over 30 male entertainers that service an area almost the same size as England.
Every week I get new people applying to become part of my growing team, and when considering new recruit’s I remember what Adonis did for me when I first started.
I show patience to my new guys and I give them support and time to develop into great male strippers. I put effort into their development for the long term. I have found this to be incredibly
effective in my business as these guy tend to be extra helpful and loyal to the company.

The boss “Tristan” – far left, and the head choreographer / artistic director “Richard (The Joker)” –
far right.

Thanks for reading guys, If you liked hearing about my experiences in male stripping , you can read more stories of mine at my blog HERE www.goldcoastmalestripper.com

About The Author:
Tommy Is an experienced male stripper, who has performed all over UK, China, USA, Australia and more. He has been featured in fitness and lifestyle magazines, radio & podcast interviews, TV appearances across the USA, fitness publications online, calendars for charity and much more.
He now lives in Gold Coast, Australia and owns an adult entertainment agency servicing all of