Miss Thunderpussy

Miss Thunderpussy

Yes it is I the last surviving “IT” Girl from the Midlands, Miss Tiara Thunderpussy! Welcome to The Adonis site – I am a Main stage act all over the country with Adonis Cabaret, quite often found between Blackpool and Brighton when Davina Sparkle checks into rehab in Thailand!

How would one describe one’s self?
‘7ft tall leggy brunette, all time party girl, with an honest sense of humour’ – I think would describe me – sounds like a dating website description doesn’t it?

I am rude, crude, and I will sing the pants off you all night long, yup that’s me!
I live in a small market town in the Midlands where women have mullets and aren’t even lesbians. You know the kind of town… “I would like to introduce you to my sister and my wife” (but there’s only one woman there!)

I do have a pretty bad habit of changing the lyrics to well known songs to complete filth and smutt! With a quick witty banter and a night of live singing and dancing, wrapped with an acid tongue, welcome to the world of Miss Thunderpussy!

My sense of funky dress and style tends to make me stand out amongst your typical drag queens! Knee high boots, funky 60s to 70s mini dresses (WHAT CAN I SAY I AM A STYLE ICON..)

In short I look forward to seeing you at some point, visit my own little place on the web www.missthunderpussy.co.uk and make sure you either book me or come and see me at one of the Adonis shows soon!

mwah mwah mwah!!!!