Lady Imelda

Lady Imelda

Lady Imelda was born in the Philippines. She came to England with a suitcase of dreams and a handbag of nightmares.

She performed in London’s West End, playing some ethnic minority roles in musicals such as Miss Saigon and The King And I. As soon as the audience had left the theatre and the stage lights faded down on her, she packed her suitcase of dreams and became a star in dingy little pubs up and down the country singing away her blues.

The lady is warm like the merging heat of the East and the coldness of the West. Her voice is pure and powerful like the melodic waves of cockle-rich Morecambe Bay. She is a lady with ‘de vile’ wit. very funny, but be warned unless you like it wacky, you’ll get confused. Ideal for Hen Parties, Mixed Cabaret and Gay Pubs – an all round entertainer!

Miquel as we call him is a lovely guy and sings like an Angel – NO Sound System of his own though.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
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