Big Brother Hen Night

[FROM Male First]

Shell Hen NightShell’s “hen night” got underway with the discovery of a feast and treats that Big Brother has laid on for the event, reports the BB Website. Skipping into the living room, the girls discovered an array of nibbles… and some essential hen night accessories. A veil complete with L-plates, handcuffs, dildos, an inflatable sheep, and more intriguingly, fake money were all present and correct for the festivities.

Chomping on the snacks provided by Big Brother, Shell was delighted to discover that bubbly was also on the menu – well, almost. “It IS babycham – yaayyyy!” said Shell ecstatically as she inspected the bottles. Michelle experimentally popped a party popper as the girls speculated on uses for the various toys.

“We can totally handcuff the boys,” said Shell wickedly.
“Poor gits… we should be kind to them,” added Shell pondering the exact nature of their entertainment.

But she didn’t think the fake boobs were quite her style and they didn’t last long.

“I don’t really want boobs on – can you take these off?” she asked Nadia. Instead, on went the more modest veil and L-plate.

The bride-to-be got into the spirit of the evening, trying on a pair of comedy breasts and blowing up the inflatable sheep. Meanwhile, in the bedroom the boys were trying their outfits for size – a heart-stopping combination of shirts, trousers, hat and bowtie. Racy posing pouches with animal face motifs will complete the effect.