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The how and the why

To start this online look at the life of man who’s spent more money on baby lotion for his genitals than anyone has a right to, I thought it might be an idea to jump the gun so to speak, and think about what people might be curious about.

Whenever the subject of stripping comes up in conversation with me, people who’ve first met me have two big questions that stick out like swollen thumbs (or indeed any other throbbing appendage)
How did you get into it?
Do you actually enjoy it?

Now, the short answer to these would be simple enough “A large man in a dress messaged me on facebook asking me if I’d get naked for money” and apparently my answer was yes, and I haven’t regretted it since.

Adonis Cabaret Show

Truth is a friend had taken me to try out another company and it just wasn’t for me, I can’t take myself seriously enough to be a ‘sex icon’ so that avenue went nowhere for me. But then I came to watch Adonis for the first time and it genuinely blew me away. The guys were in phenomenal shape and had tons of stage presence, I remember one performer who literally had so much charisma that he just needed to break out the most offensively white Colgate smile and the synchronised cheers and cumulative moisture in the room was something I hadn’t experience before.
But the best part of it all, these lads had NO EGO. I was stood there nattering away with them and they were great fun, awful senses of humour and just the right amount of humility, felt like I’d made friends straight away rather than turned up for a job trial.

Fast forward some years, and after lads have come and gone, friendships have been made etc, and the crew in our London home is a close knit family. We look out for each other in and out of work hours, and we’re constantly trying to work out ways to better our shows with each other’s help, and I think in a way each of us plays a role in the family.

Which by no means implies we’re professional 100 percent of the time, the amount of times we’ve played ridiculous pranks on each other doesn’t bare thinking about, but that’s just how we are… we’ll stick ice in someones water they use for a shower scene or cellotape their props to the inside of their basket, this kind of abuse is like a rite of passage or every new guy at Adonis and believe me I’ve had more than my fair share.

So image someone said to you, every week you can come meet up with friends and make up comedy striptease routines, put on a show for hundreds of women and you’ll get paid???
When I put it like that, hopefully it makes sense, I can’t really think of a better way to spend a Saturday night. Granted I might head home after and whack on a dressing gown and slippers then read some Sylvia Plath, but for someone who loves being a performer and making people smile, I can’t imagine a place I’d rather be.

Keep your eyes out every week, as I tell all the back stage secrets of what REALLY goes on in the strip scene.

Love Marshall

Male Strip Brighton

Male Strip Brighton