Thoughts from Tristan Tristar

Tristan Tristar
It’s simple psychology, boys are visually stimulated and girls are mentally stimulated, so if we produced a show like girls do a strip show for guys the audience would throw us dirty looks then eggs and not bras and knickers.(Knickers optional – Ed)

It’s not enough to just do a good show, you have to make people smile and a laughing audience is payment enough (That’s what you say when you try not to pay us – Ed)

Triss – yes but if I paid you more we could not give away so many freebies – Free gifts, Free photos, Free sashes and more! (Your sooooo full of S**T – Ed and all the boys).

But really the team of performers all have a less serious side….. they absolutely love to leave people rolling about in the aisles with laughter

xxx Tristan Tristar