Thoughts from Richard The Joker

Richard The JokerWhat can happen in one year?

A new life, whether a baby child or a fluffy kitten can be created and born
Seasons of weather hot sunny days to a cold wintry storm
But I was sentenced with a most crumbling blow
And condemned to work on the Adonis cabaret show.
(Words taken from my latest novel “Beneath the G-String”)

Joking aside it is a privilege to be a member of the Adonis team. Working alongside not only professional, talented people, (oh and Tristan) but being given the freedom to express new ideas which we throw around and hopefully create funnier, and more entertaining moments for our audiences. Those who have seen the show will have noticed the great fun Davina, Tristan and I have during the evening. This cannot be rehearsed or staged. It is true to say that over the past ten years of performing all over the world I have never enjoyed working with people as much as with Adonis.

Davina with her fast wit and incredible audience awareness still has me in tears of laughter. She will take any crowd and within minutes find their comedy weak-spot and attack, leaving the girls rolling around in complete hysterics.

As the song goes “then she’ll go and spoil it all by doing something stupid like singing……” Just a joke.

Then there is Tristan.. What can I say about him? Apart from his amazing dancing and mind blowing fire breathing, his bronzed, trained physique and unique comedy ability. he’s okay I suppose. I don’t know if it’s because Tristan and I are on the same medication, but from the first time we worked together there was a spark of idiotic mayhem between us. We both create weird and wacky ideas, most of which end up with one of us receiving a physical injury, but are able to work yet enjoy the laughter we as a team can cause.

See you at the show
Love Richy…
‘The Joker’