Male Stripper Training

“Becoming a MALE STRIPPER”

by Tristan Tristar

Do you want to become a male stripper? Do you want to know more from the boys in the know? Maybe we can help you.

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At Adonis we have trained some of the best Male Strippers there are – and other great acts – Drag Acts, Comics and Singers. We show them how to perform for the hen night scene and work with other Male Strippers. We know all the ins & outs, and how to shake it all about.. We are constantly thinking of ways to make the audience laugh and most of all make ourselves laugh – if you’re not having a good time no one else will!

The audience feeds off your energy – and believe it or not – looks, body and your bing-bong is not what it’s all about! Yes, you can reach the basic levels doing a fire man as a stripagram or kissagram – but where do you go 2 years down the line, when you have done 500 stripagrams? You need the edge and you need to keep yourself feeling like you’re doing something new, if only to get that rush of adrenalin you used to get when you first started.

Male Stripper Training

My best motivation is my mates/ fellow acts setting me a challenge “I bet you can’t… do river dance”, Richard the Joker once said, and you know he was right, I couldn’t! But we had a great time trying and we all laughed when I got it wrong, luckily the audience laughed too – so I did that in my show for 18 months – just ‘cos… well we all laughed… and Richard had to buy the drinks every time I did which made it worthwhile!

This week I’m riding an Ostrich! Yeah I know.. but it will be more free drinks, I will have won the challenge and most off all it’s down to me, and it will be giving me the buzz like the first time I stepped on stage, challenging, entertaining and the feeling of needing a wee the moment I get into costume (all entertainers get that.. or they’re sick!)

We digress…

Do you want to be a Male Stripper?

Let’s start with a basic stripper questionnaire:

Is your body above average?
(No – go to the gym, Yes – don’t be arrogant, go to the gym)

Do you smile when things go wrong or get angry?
(Smile – come off Prozac, Get angry – come off the steroids)

Can you laugh at yourself?
(Yes – you’re drunk, No – don’t be so sad – we are all going to die anyway…)

Can you drive?
(Yes – good ‘cos you’ll spend hours stuck in traffic, – No – learn! Chicks dig a bloke with a car)

Do you have good time management?
(Yes – cool ‘cos you’re gonna need a Tardis to get round some night’s gigs, No – give up everyone will hate you!)

Can you dance?
(Yes – good! Now can you dance without an E?)

(Yes – become a singer, it’s easier)

Long to be the centre of attention?
(Yes – well you’ll be right at home when you’re doing a 20 min solo with no kegs in front of 300 women)

And last of all, do girls laugh and tell you to pull your pants up when you pull them down? (You’re gonna have to flash your man sword as some point – and we do have a few tricks to make it look bigger, but you’re gonna get a huge ego bashing if chicks are always taking the piss – some take the piss anyway even if you’re Black Stallion (and he’s got one longer that my arm!)

If you still think you’re up for it email a head and torso shot to [email protected]

Good Luck!

Tristan Tristar
Professional Male Stripping Idiot